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Mission: Provide supportive services and resources to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, and stalking.

Vision: Assisting those whom we serve with everything from escaping their situations to living a healthy and productive life thereafter.

"My experience with RTP has been nothing but positive. Ms. Lavandero is honest with you about how the system works, community resources available, and does her best to help you with legal advocacy. I will say that Ms. Lavandero is a great resource of information and assistance. She is patient and kind and is well aware of the pain and suffering associated with domestic violence. Even when I was feeling like I was a mess, she reassured me that my emotions and thought processes were normal and I would eventually, with therapy, become myself again. One thing I have learned from her is that my fear, though it is founded, should not be the primary reasoning I use for fighting for the rights of myself and my children. I look forward to referring others to her in the future."

Anonymous client and DV survivor
May 2020

This nonprofit does outstanding work for victims of trauma. The passion, dedication, honesty and empowerment they provide in recovery of trauma and resources helps the Survivor feel that there is hope for a bright future. I know the executive director/president and she is very dedicated to the work and to the clients who come to her.

Professional in the Industry
September 2020

I can’t say how thankful I am for Nadeya and their services. She helped me through a dangerous domestic violence situation before her organization came to fruition! Since then she has gone above and beyond for my children and me in assisting me in avenues to feel safe from my perpetrator. She has used the traumas she has faced and turned them into good helping those whom feel helpless and are so terrified thinking there’s no safe way out. I am forever grateful for her and her organization. I have since met women in similar situations and have been able to send them to Right to Protect for their services. If you need help and don’t know where to go please know Right to Protect is a safe place, if your a donor looking to give to a cause that really helps other people please give to Right to Protect, I can not stress enough how important this organization is for fellow women. Thank you Rright to Protect for helping my family and me feel safe and move on in life, you are beyond a blessing.

Anonymous client and DV survivor
September 2020

About Us

Right to Protect

IRS 501c3 nonprofit

The founding of Right to Protect was inspired by the President / Founder / Executive Directors personal first hand experience escaping her own abusive situation. Since then she has dedicated herself to the creation of an organization that seeks to empower victims and survivors in healing and self advocacy.